Debate and Extempore Speech Competition

North East Institute of Social Sciences & Research (NEISSR)

Debate and Extempore Speech Competition was organized by Art and Literary Club in collaboration with Student Council for Social Change based on the theme ‘Enhancing and Enriching Young Minds’. The title for the debate was “Should Abortion be Legalized”

NEISSR has been providing ample opportunities to the students for organizing and participating in such kind of events. The main focus is to cater to the all-round development of the students.

The Judges for the debate competition were Rev. Fr. Khing, Vice Principal, NEISSR, Mr. Nyamnyei Phom, (MSW-III Semester) and Ms. Khenishe Sumi (MSW-III Semester). For the Extempore Speech, the judges were Mr. Robert, Asst. Professor NEISSR, Ms. Zhovino (MSW-III Semester) and Mr. Hika (MSW-III Semester). The judging criteria were based on Analysis, Delivery and Comphrehension.

The winners for the Debate Competition were Sister Rincy, (MSW- I Semester) from the motion group and Mr. Sushoka I Assumi, (MSW-III Semester) from the against group. Mr. Victor V Aye (MSW-III Semester) won the Extempore Speech Competition. All the participants presented themselves with great confidence, fervour and poise.


Venue : Peace Centre Hall, 7th Mile,Chümoukedima

Date : 17th September, 2022