The Literary Club is formed with hope that the students will share an interest in literature and enjoy discussing and exploring various literary works. This club typically meet a regular basis to engage in activities related in education basis.


To promote a love for literature, foster intellectual growth, encourage reading and critical thinking for the students.


To think and explore creative ideas and encourage them to display their cognitive skills and to instill confidence.


To stimulate their knowledge and give them an adequate opportunity to enhance their competency.


  • To facilitate thoughtful and creative thinking skills
  • To provide adequate opportunities to enhance their literary skills.
  • To achieve the club aims within a certain period of time.


  • To conduct different activities such as awareness programs, competitions, and seminars.
  • To monitor and assist the documentation team in terms of report writing press note release and other events.
  • To conduct various activities related to arts, literature, article writing, composing poems etc.






Reports 2023

On 5th April, 2023 the National Service Scheme (NSS) in collaboration with IQAC, Literary club and NEISSR organised a " Cleanliness Drive "with the theme "Not Me But You". Theliterary club took the initiative in making banner and posture for the day. The Drive started at 9:20 am and continued till 1:30 PM headed by Seven registered clubs which are Music club with the theme "Be the Solution not the Pollution", literary club with the theme "Think Green, Keep it Clean", Environmental club with the theme "Go Green, Make the Planet Green" Media Club with the theme "Cleanliness the First Law of Health", Social club with the theme "Don't Be Bitter. Stop the Litter", Red Ribbon Club and cultural club participated in the Drive. Each club were allotted different areas to carry out the cleanliness drive. The NSS members collectively carried out the work in a systematic order which included picking up of wrappers, bricks, cutting of grass and disposal of garbage's from 9:20 am till 1:30 Pm. The day concluded with refreshments and marking of attendanceand thus, call it a day.


Literary club in collaboration with (NEISSR) Chümoukedima observed the 'World Environment Day' on 5th June, 2023 under the theme 'Ecosystem Restoration' which highlights the urgent need to restore damaged ecosystem around the world. World environment Day is the united nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Khing, Vice- Principal of NEISSR along with the faculties and students participated in the program with full energy. The Literary club took the initiative in making postures and pictures.The aim behind organizing this program was to give awareness to the people about keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution. For this purpose, we should plan more trees and make the Earth green. The Vice Principal gave a speech in which he encouraged students to participatein these activities. He also added that we should motivate others to keep their environment clean and free of pollution so that we can live a healthy life. NEISSR is blessed with 321 different types of trees including varieties of fruit trees. As part of the celebration for the protection of environment and making it an eco- friendly campus, the students along with the faculties planted around 50 orange and 10 guava saplings. This year's world environment day was an opportunity to emphasize the need to protect and restore our planet. It was a pleasurable activity and serves as a reminder that we all have a role to play in safeguarding our environment and ensuring a sustainable future for the generations to come.

On 3th September, 2022 the music club organized NEISSR anthem competition. The programme started at 9:30 am. The NEISSR anthem was participated by music club, blood donors club, green club, media club, art and literary club. After which the result was declared and the winners of the competitionwere: 1.Music club – 1stposition 2.cultural club – 2ndposition 3.Literary club –3rdposition Followed by vote of thanks and benediction. Reported by: Documentation team (Music club)

On 3rd June, 2019 the literary club organized art and quiz competition on the topic women empowerment. The programme started at 10:am it was participated by various clubs. The result was declared and the winners were: 1.Literary club -1stposition 2.Cultural club - 2nd position 3.Green club - 3rd position Reported by: Documentation team (Literary club)

On 21st October 2018 NEISSR organized literary day at 3:30 P.M. Theprogramme was hosted by Zephery. There were two events on the given - 1: Essay writing competition on the topic the statue liberty, criticallyanalysing its role or importance. 2: Extempore speech on various issues which concern the modernsociety. Recorded by- GS- NEISSR