Culture refers to the collective patterns of behaviour, values, beliers, values, customs, tradition and artifacts that characterize a group of people. It encompasses the way of life of a particular society or community including their art, music, language, religion, social norms and more. Culture is passed down from generation to generations and plays a significant role. Culture holds immense importance as it shapes our identities, influences our behaviour and fosters a sense of belonging.

VISION: Embrace diversity, foster unity, celebrate culture. 
MISSION: To preserve rich and unique cultural diversity. 
GOAL: To provide a platform for cultural exchange and promote a sense of belonging among diverse individuals.

Cultural Club 2023

 1. To develop skills beyond reading and writing. 
 2. To respect and appreciate cultural diversity.
 3. To preserve culture through various cultural activities.

 Convenor Jaya C Sangma
 Co-convenor Bovitoli D Zhimo 
 Finance Secretary Phongngam 
 Media Eugen Minj 
 Documentation Konthunglo Z Lotha 

 1. To conduct Folk song and cultural dance during NEISSR fest
 2. Organising Cultural day
 3. To conduct cultural day in Rural Camp
 4. Indigenous games during NEISSR fest
 5. One mixed cultural item to perform during special occasions.

Rural Camp 2023 Northeast Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) concluded its ten- day rural camp, from 13 March 2023 to 23 March 2023 at Rotomi and Yezami village, Zunheboto, organised with the objective of helping social work trainees to understand rural realities and village dynamics. The class was divided into two groups the first group went to kotomi Village and the second group went to Yezami Village. On 23rd March 2023 Rotomi group organized Cultural program under the team "Share our similarities, celebrate our differences". The host of the program was James Quinker and KilitoliYeptho. The program started with prayer by miss BonotoliAssumi. Folf song was presented by two groups, Rotomimensgrpup and Rotomiwomens group; it was followed by special appearances from Mr. AgaiZeliang and duet incharge Miss Kali, music Director rotomi village. There after there was a traditional show where the Student of NEISSR showcast their different traditional attires. After that talent hunt competition was followed. On 19th March 2023 Yazami group oraganized cultural program. The program was divided into Formal and Informal sessions. In informal session the students showcase their traditional attires and presented a song and followed by recreational activities with the community people.

NEISSR Fest 2023

North East institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) Chumoukedima, flagged off its first 'NEISSR fest' on May 1 with the inaugural-cum-cultural day held on the theme 'Engage, energize, evolve'. 
The special guest Dr. Fr. PappuSamy, who earlier served as the priest of Kohima diocese and also in the USA, in his address stated with culture is the lovely aspect of human life, diginity, respect and appreciation within the socialnit.

Fr. Samy encouraged the students to practice and preserve one's culture should dominate other cultures as well. No culture should dominate other culture for the growth of human as a whole, he added.
  Principal NEISSR, Dr. Fr. CP. Anto, spoke on the importance of the culture in the society, quoting "multi-culture is the real culture of the world- a pure race doesn't exist."
  Fr. Anto also said that even though different ethnicities signify different customs and traditions, yet human beings are bound and united as one. 
The Lotha Naga tribe presented a folk song "Kyong JipoYantsso" The Sumi Naga also presented a folk fusion with the title "Lejole". It was followed by Cultural Show where the students showcase different traditional attires. A group song was presented which featured all the tribes.

Fresher's Day, 2023 The Students' Council for Social Change NEISSR organized 9th Fresher's Day on 5th August 2023 under the theme "Unleash Your Potential" at Peace Center Hall,Chumukedima.

The formal session began with an invocation by Dr.Toll H Kiba, Asst. Professor. The seniors presented a special song "Welcome to the family. The Principal of NEISSR Rev. Dr.Fr. CP Anto delivered a welcome address and inducted the students with words of encouragement to embrace opportunities for their development. He implores the students to embark on purpose driven life with passion to govern their aspiration. Commenting on the change in society, he spoke about the need to adopt needbased approach in dealing with students of whom some will make entry into higher education with much difficulty and challenges. Its high time to explore and unearth potentials and resilience of youth for nation building. He further added that at NEISSR, the best possible academic environment is directed towards humane aspects, skill development in line with application of technology

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Dr. Timothy Langwangbe, Principal Norman Putsure College, Chümoukedima extorted the students to explore career option at a young age. A focused mind is crucial for setting and accomplishing a goal. He also emphasized the need and importance of social scientists in the society and how social workers can be a force to address societal problems.

A contest for Mr&Msfresher's was organized. 20 students were selected from the fresher's where they competed against each other. There was three rounds, Cultural Show Casual Round and Formal, the contestants were judged based on their performances. The title for Mr.&Ms. Freshers went to Mr. Sotomong and Ms. Naomi both from MSW 1ª Semester. The session ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Tsulula K, Vice President Students' council followed by lunch break

The informal session began at 2:00PM. The hosts were Mr. Tunato (MSW) and Mr Phongngan (BSW) thesession started with a dance performance from BSW students followed by special appearances fromGaram Masala group and Sostamal dance group. The fresher's also presented Malayalam song and otherperformance. The session successfully concluded with a group picture.

Fresher's Day 2022

North East Institute of Social Sciences and research celebrated its 8th Fresher Day Organised by the students council, with Dr. AntolySwu, Deputy Chief Medical officer, Dimapur as Chief guest.

The occasion also marked the induction of the first batch of Bachelor in Social work. 
Speaking of the occasion, the chief guest reiterated the importance of social services for society in times when social interaction and mental health remains new challenges in post Covid-19 scenario.  Fr.CP. Anto, principal of NEISSR addressed the Freshers by congratulating and welcoming them to the family. He stressed the importance of materialising dreams into reality. 
In the second Mr & Miss Fresher was conducted and the title went to Miss Juli Zhimomi and Mr. James Quinker. The program ended with Prayer by Fr. Robin Thomas. Asst. Professor. NEISSR