To encourage and motivated students to involve in media activities and enhance their talent.


Creating interconnectedness among the NEISSR family and also to the broader community through social media activities and to enhance their talents.


To develop and enhance students’ talents and knowledge with regard to media tool and technology.


To organized session regarding basic media skills by professionals.

To provide a meeting place for those interested in photography, music, film, documentary, to facilitated provision of advice and assistance to members career and future of photography.

To make the enjoyment of media accessible to a wider community like fellow students.

Organizing a group exhibit after one year or activities photo show.

Group Members :

Aketo Aye                        (Convenor) 
Akashe Sangtam            (Co-convenor) 
Ekhobeni R Humtsoe    (Documentary) 
Lokhum Lyimchunger  (Finance)