Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are agents of positive change who address challenges through an enterprising approach. They develop businesses that trade for a social or environmental purpose, reinvest profits into their mission, and are accountable for their actions. In the North-East Region and especially in Nagaland, youth unemployment continues to rise globally, and the jobs that young people can secure in many parts of the country are often poorly paid. The result is increasing income inequality and an ever-widening divide between rich and poor. NEISSR believes that this course will enable and empower the youths to venture into Social Entrepreneurship, create jobs, and bring hope to our most disadvantaged communities, delivering social, environmental, and economic value. Through their innovative approaches to reducing inequalities, social enterprises might even provide a model for rebalancing how money and power are controlled. Students are prepared to address the issues like Unemployment, Parental Pressure on government jobs, solve social problems and also to initiate their own organizations including socially productive business enterprises by initiating Professional Progressive Circle (PPC).