Electoral Literacy Club is being set up in the country to promote electoral literacy in all age groups of the Indian citizen through engaging   and interesting activities and hands-on experience but in apolitical, neutral and non-partisan manner.


  • To help the target audience understand the value of their vote and exercise their right in franchise in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner;
  • To harness the potential ELC members for carrying the electoral literacy in communities.
  • To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed and ethical voting and follow the principle ‘Every vote count’s and ‘No Voter to be Left behind’.
  • To facilitate EVM and VVPAT and familiarization and educate about the robustness of EVM as well as the integrity of the electoral process using EVMs;


  • This club’s mission is to educate and inform students about their democratic rights.
  • To educate the NEISSR population about their voter registration, electoral process and matters related a conduct of fair and orderly election process.
  • To foster a culture of democratic living, and equality to propagate ethical voting, and to adhere to the principles of ‘Every vote Counts’ and ‘No Voter is Left Behind’.


Inspire and Invigorating Young Minds.

Electoral Literacy Club Members 

Convener- FilokaZimomi

Co-Convener- Yantsumong J Yimchunger

Finance Scyt. -Watinaro

Asst. Finance Scyt- Avise Sangtam