The NEISSR Library at the North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research is a fully equipped academic hub serving students, faculty, and researchers in the social sciences. With a diverse collection of physical and electronic resources, including books and journals, the library is KOHA enabled for efficient management. Access to various online databases and e-resources further enhances research capabilities. Committed to creating a supportive and stimulating learning atmosphere, the NEISSR Library stands as a valuable resource for academic pursuits.

NEISSR Library

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NEISSR is also registered to:

N-LIST  (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) programme. This programme provides access to more than 3800+ e-journals (including current issues with 10 years back files) and 80,000+ e-books. Some of the e-resources include journals from Cambridge University Press, Economic and Political Weekly, and Oxford journals. In order to promote research and study, students and teachers have free access to the e-resources during College hours. Xerox facilities are also available.

NDLI: The National Digital library of India is a virtual repository of learning resources which is not only just a repository with a search/browse facilities but also provides a host of services containing textbooks, articles, videos, audiobooks, lectures, simulations, fiction and all other kinds of learning media for the learners/users community.

Newspapers and Magazines: Newspapers and magazines seeke to inform, persuade and entertain the audiences and put before them advertising messages of national, regional, state and city scope. They are very important because they provide the reader with in-depth and concise information, in a portable and readable form. 

Newspapers and magazines have immense educational and social values. The needs of different people are catered to by the newspapers and magazines.

Local Dailies:
   1. Nagaland Post 
   2. Morung Express 

   3. Eastern Mirror

     1. The Hindu 
     2. The Times of India    

Print Journals: 
     1. Kurukshetra 
     2. Yojana

Open Access Materials: 
      1.  Directory of Open Access Journals 
      2.  Directory of Open Access Books
      3.  OAPEN Library

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