Three Days Workshop on “Managing Behavioral Disorders

North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR), Chumoukedima, Nagaland organized Three Days Workshop on “Managing Behavioral Disorders in children and Family Therapy” from 24th to 26th October, 2022 at Peace Centre Hall, Chumoukedima. The speaker for the three days workshop, Sr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura MMS, Principal and Secetary TRADA Kottayam, kerala, on the first day shared on: Family Therapy which emphasizes on the behavioral change composing of three types of feelings that are, Behavioral pattern, Belief system and Cultural context: Power of therapy which includes Hierarchical power, Functional power and Communication patterns: Family life cycle, she also stressed upon experiential and structural family therapy.
On the second day of workshop the speaker spoke on ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’’ (ADHD) and stressed upon the importance of SQ3R which is Scan Question Read Repeat and Recall, she also shared the significance of Diagnostic criteria inattention and Hyperactivity Impulsivity, Behavioral Oriented Treatment, child depression and kleptomania. She mentioned that in allowing the child to follow certain roles and rules, not only about sexual health and sexual hygiene but also on spirituality aspects to which she stated advice is the sole medication in relating to rewarding a child and to give psycho education to parents since majority of the parents are unaware of such symptoms.
On the last day of work shop, Sr. Dr Joan spoke on the dialectical behavior therapy, which include dialectical behavior, rational emotive behavioral therapy, compassion focused therapy and cognitive processing therapy. The second session was headed by Fr. Matthew, who spoke on counseling and guidance in children and how the counselor view and solve problems through negotiation, dialogue counselling and guidance influence the behavior, feelings and values. The overall session was moderated by Ma’am Judith Huidina Asst. prof. NEISSR with welcome note from Rev. Fr. Chacko Karanthayil where he warmly welcomed esteemed guest and all the participants for the workshop with a closing remark from Dr. C.P, Anto founder and director of Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR mentioned the importance of harnessing mental health and encouraged the participants to maintain healthy relationships.
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