About the Course

This course is aimed at developing the knowledge, values, beliefs and skills necessary for working with individuals, groups, communities and for collective social action. The course also gives an edge to the social work students to enable them to inculcate the philosophies, ideologies and methodologies of social work profession. In order to fulfill this, the course covers wide range of topics pertaining to the core, supportive, interdisciplinary and elective domains of social work education. The course is designed with appropriate consistency within the papers and among the papers. Therefore, interdependence of the papers is a characteristic feature of the course. The course will enable the learners to assume the role as the agents of social change and development with a positive attitude. Furthermore, it is a professional course with ample employment opportunities in various fields such as industries, hospital settings, AIDS prevention Centres, family counseling Centers, De-addiction Centres, Rural, Urban and Tribal Communities, Correctional institutions, State and Central Government Departments, Schools of Social Work and sponsored research and action oriented projects undertaken by National and International Agencies.

Name of the Course (S) Offered

  • The course shall be called ‘Master of Social Work’ leading to ‘MSW’ Degree.
  • Certificate and Diploma Courses in allied streams.

Duration of the Course:

The course of study for MSW Degree shall extend over a period of two academic years – consists of four semesters.

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