Peace and conflict transformation studies

Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies (PCTS)

We are the first institute in the country to introduce Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies as specialization under MSW course. It deals with one of the most pressing issues in the contemporary world. It prepares community members and students to relate through inter – disciplinary approaches to prevent conflict in the communities, organizations and help them to resolve issues.

The primary objectives of the specialization are:

1. To introduce theories and practices of conflicts and peace building that would be useful as general background to understanding the more specialized modules offered as a part of the Peace and Conflict Studies.

2. To examine the dynamics of conflict and violence and explore possibilities for their resolution, as well as the conditions for building sustainable peace in conflict societies.

3. To move forward in the construction of culture of peace by means of intense academic and professional work and education in India particularly in North East India.

4. To communicate awareness and understanding of conflict and conflict transformation on a personal, social and global level.

5. To demonstrate the ability to collect, select, analyze and evaluate evidence; organize evidence into clear, logical, coherent and relevant arguments, in research writings and presentation action.

6. To enable graduates to unlearn by reflecting own personal life situation and relearn ideas and skills to respond, address and act consciously to address conflict and facilitate communities to build peace with a perspective of conflict transformation and sustainable peace.