Goal and Objectives


  1. Critically understand the social system, ideologies, methodologies, and social work practices in various settings, along with social work values, ethical principles, evidence based practices while working with individuals, groups and communities.
  2. To strengthen the theoretical understanding, expand knowledge-base, inculcate relevant values, attitudes and skills required for professional social worker through the theory and practical component of the course.
  3. Develop interdisciplinary and specialized professional outlook, upheld the dignity and esteem of the social work profession and achieve self-actualization.
  4. Employ participatory, action and evidence-based practices in the field settings.
  5. Engage the system through collective action and demand-driven approach to ensure social justice and equity to the marginalized, vulnerable and weaker- sections of society.
  6. Understand and design effective strategies to evaluate and monitor progress over time in development and change action that are appropriate for specific interventions and for various target groups.
  7. To acquire professional skills to work in industries, hospital settings, AIDS prevention Centres, family counseling Centers, De-addiction Centres, Rural, Urban and Tribal Communities, Correctional institutions, State and Central Government Departments, Schools of Social Work and sponsored research and action – oriented projects undertaken by National and International Agencies.
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