Youth development

Youth Development

The second institute in India to introduce Youth Development as a specialization in MSW curriculum. It is concerned with the concept and dynamics of youth. A youth development workers can work under both formal and non-formal settings. They are trained to catalysts of change that could develop youth talents and foster leadership. This Specialization is concerned with the field of youth and youth activities. Youth Development Professionals can work under both formal and informal settings. They are trained to be the catalysts of change, which could develop youth talent and leadership. Youth workers can effectively engage themselves in counseling, casework, career guidance, development programmes, research and Training. Students are prepared to address the issues like Educational Unemployment, Parental Pressure on government jobs, Drug-addiction & Alcoholism and also to initiate their own organization including socially productive business enterprises by initiating Professional Progressive Circle (PPC).

The main objectives of the specialization are:

1. Familiarize the concepts and theories in development studies, the principles and methods of youth work.

2. Equip themselves with theoretical frame, positive attitudes and skills in the field of youth development.

3. The students will be able to qualify themselves in the area of youth empowerment.

4. Promoting Enterprise and Economic Development.

5. To study about the youth issues, challenges and their responses, youth policies, schemes and programmes of the government.

6. Youth Counselling and Career Guidance.

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