Criteria -4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources 

4.1 Physical Facilities
4.1.1 The Institution has adequate infrastructure and other facilities for, teaching – learning, viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment etc
  ICT – enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS etc. Facilities for Cultural and sports activities, yoga centre, games (indoor and outdoor), Gymnasium, auditorium etc (Describe the adequacy of facilities in maximum of 500 words.)  
4.1.2 Percentage of expenditure for infrastructure development and augmentation excluding salary during the last five years  Expenditure for infrastructure development and augmentation, excluding salary year wise during last five years (INR in lakhs)
additionallink-pdf Academic Facilities Student Support
4.2 Library as a Learning Resource
4.2.1 Library is automated with digital facilities using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), adequate subscriptions to e-resources and journals are made. The library is optimally used by the faculty and students
Digital Facilities Library Subscription Football Nlist Invoice
  4.3 IT Infrastructure
4.3.1 Institution frequently updates its IT facilities and provides sufficient bandwidth for internet connection Describe IT facilities including Wi-Fi with date and nature of updation, available internet bandwidth within a maximum of 500 words
4.3.2 Student – Computer ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year)  Number of computers available for students usage during the latest completed academic year:
  4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure
4.4.1 Percentage expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities excluding salary component, during the last five years (INR in Lakhs) Expenditure incurred on maintenance of infrastructure (physical facilities and academic support facilities) excluding salary component year wise during the last five years (INR in lakhs)