Best Practices of NEISSR

  • Sarvodaya: Sanskrit meaning- universal ‘upliftment of all’ - to enhance public speaking skill, confidence, leadership skill, and general knowledge.
  • Professional Progressive Circle (PPC): Social Innovation venture (Seed Bed for social entrepreneurs, business plan, project proposal writing etc.)
  • Dual Faculty System: A system designed to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration, provide diverse perspectives, or offer specialized instruction to students.especially in third semester andfour blended learning for wider perspectives, for example, Youth Development (YD), Social Entrepreneurship (SD), Community Development (CD) and Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies (PCTS).
  • Student Ambassador: Promote the social work profession, Institute, dissemination of information about the course to the prospective students wanting to be in human service sector.
  • Performance assessment: Faculty and Student assessments are done by the management to strengthenthe performance periodically.
  • Peace Lab: variety of initiatives or programs that focus on promoting peace, conflict resolution, and social harmony. These labs could be academic research centers, organizations, or workshops dedicated to studying and implementing strategies for building and sustaining peace.
  • Social Work Lab: A "Social Work Lab" for practicing social work methods typically refers to a controlled and supervised environment where aspiring social workers or those already in the field can apply and refine their skills under guidance. These labs aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms and real-world practice scenarios.
  • Buddy System: Strategy that involves pairing or grouping students to work together on various tasks, projects, assignments, or activities. It is often used to promote collaborative learning, peer support, and social interaction among students. The main idea behind the buddy system is that students can benefit from working with their peers, both academically and socially.
  • Green and Clean-SDGs related to the Environment and Greening(Every day- 3:30- 4.30 clubs will be working- green club will take initiative):SDG 7, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15, SDG 17- These SDGs collectively address various environmental issues, including climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable resource use. They emphasize the need for coordinated global efforts to promote sustainable development while safeguarding the environment for present and future generations.
  • Morung System of learning- Skilling- Students should acquire atleast 5 skills before they complete their MSW/ BSW degree from the skill training program listed below:


           Project management

           NGO management

           Social Innovation and Social Enterprise Management

           Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).

           Basic life Support and Life Saving skills

           Event management

           Photography and Videography

           Cooking and baking

           Food preservation and processing

           Basic skills on electricity

           Soft skills such as Communication skills, Public speaking skills, Leadership skills.

  • Experiential Learning- Putting into practice what is learned. This is done at two levels.

     Institute level: 

           Social Case work- buddy system (By student), Mentoring and counseling by faculty to students

           Social Group work- Class divided to groups- individual grow in Group, and group growth (Student level)

           Community Organization: NEISSR as community of learners gets opportunity to organize, plan, execute and implement different programs.

           Research- Student, faculty engaged in research

           Social Welfare Administration- students learn about administration by engaging as volunteers in documentation, and other managerial work.

    Community Level:

           Social Case Work:        In the community setting, schools, hospitals, correctional and rehabilitation centers

           Group Work:    in community, school, correctional and rehabilitation,

           Community Organization:       Village governance, community development, SHGS, leadership, PRA

           Social Work Research: Survey and need assessment.

           Social Action and Advocacy

           Social Welfare Administration- NGOS, Government Departments and, other institutions